Famous Dishes

Sweet Potato Fluff

Pruett's Bar-B-Q, Gadsden

Sweet potatoes in the South are often associated with good times, good food and good company. They appear in casseroles shared with family during the holidays, baked and smothered in butter alongside steaks for romantic dinners, and fried and paired with burgers at cookouts.

Pruett’s signature sweet potato dish embodies everything people expect from this feel-good food. The regulars who pack the restaurant at lunch love Sweet Potato Fluff, a tasty treat that comes with family-style service. Half sweet potato casserole, half fluffy bits of heaven, the dish is served as part of the Thursday “Screen Door Special” of roast pork with gravy and green beans as well as a la carte every day. When paired with authentic Southern sweet tea, Pruett’s Sweet Potato Fluff truly rounds out some of Gadsden’s best eats.
Sweet Potato Fluff

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