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PB&J in phyllo

Cotton Row Restaurant, Huntsville

Although peanut butter and jelly has traditionally been the lunchtime sandwich of Americans everywhere, the combination is going gourmet with the help of Cotton Row. This dessert doesn’t call for white bread. Instead, the PB&J is enclosed in a thin, paper-like dough called phyllo. It’s commonly used for pastries and other dishes with various fillings. Originating from Central Asia, homemade phyllo takes time and patience to make because of the progressive rolling and stretching to make it so thin. The peanut butter and jelly in phyllo originated when Cotton Row’s chef and owner James Boyce forgot to bring a dessert to an event he was catering. He raided the client’s kitchen and made the unique treat using found ingredients. It was so well received that he added it to Cotton Row’s menu. At the restaurant, Boyce uses homemade jam and chunky peanut butter to add extra crunch to the dish.
PB&J in phyllo

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