Famous Dishes

Orange rolls

All Steak, Cullman

While some things have changed at All Steak over the years, the original orange roll recipe and picturesque view of downtown Cullman remain the same. The rolls have been around since All Steak was in its original location, and have been a local favorite ever since. All Steak says their orange rolls are “world famous,” and it’s not hard to believe there’s some truth to all that boasting.

The soft, chewy rolls get their delicious sweet and tart tang from a glaze made with plenty of sugar, butter and a hint of orange peel. Home cooks have long tried to recreate these unique treats, but nothing compares to the original.

Some call All Steak’s orange rolls addictive. So much so that diners manage to save room for them after devouring the restaurant’s signature steaks, and some folks have been known to stop by the downtown hot spot just to pick up a dozen (or two) of the rolls to go, either already made or packaged to cook at home.

Orange rolls

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