Famous Dishes

Fried green tomatoes

Irondale Cafe, Irondale

Fannie Flagg, the niece of the original owner of Irondale Cafe, published her novel, “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café” in 1987. Five years later, the movie based on the book premiered in Birmingham. After the movie opened, tourists flocked to the Irondale Cafe. The local newspaper ran an article that asked, “Seen the movie? Now taste the title.” But it’s not only the fame of the book and film that has customers coming to the café from near and far. The fried green tomatoes are legendary in their own right, and the restaurant serves 600-800 slices daily. The salty-sweet green tomato slices are fried in cream meal instead of cornmeal. Cream meal is a finely mealed version of cornmeal that produces a crispy, golden crust. After the tomatoes are deep-fried, Irondale Cafe serves them southern with rémoulade sauce made from mayonnaise, Creole mustard and other spices.
Fried green tomatoes

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