Famous Dishes

Fried fish and cole slaw

Ezell's, Bessemer

Ezell's serves fish that is farm-raised in the U.S., primarily from Alabama and Mississippi. It's fried in batter that manager Mary Perry says is made from an old and simple recipe: coarsely ground yellow cornmeal with coarsely ground black pepper and a seasoning salt blend.

Perry, who has managed the original location in Lavaca for 40 years, says, "A long time ago, catfish was considered a poor man's dish. But when you buy catfish now, it is right up there with the best of fish."

The restaurant's highly praised coleslaw is also made from a simple, original recipe. Mayonnaise, pickles, sugar and onions are mixed together, and then shredded cabbage is added until the desired consistency is attained. "In the spring, when the cabbage is young and pretty and green, you can use more of it," says Perry. "In the winter, when cabbage is harder, the coleslaw requires more of the filling. It doesn't look as pretty, but it's like when you fish — you cook what you catch."

Fried fish and cole slaw

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