Famous Dishes

Broiled seafood platter

The Bright Star, Bessemer

The Bright Star has many renowned seafood selections, and their broiled seafood platter is a sampler featuring the most popular items. The entree includes The Bright Star’s famous broiled snapper, which is prepared with the classic Greek combination of olive oil, fresh lemon juice and oregano. The platter also includes lobster and crabmeat au gratin, a signature item at The Bright Star since chef Gus Sarris introduced it in the 1960s. Along with lobster and crabmeat, this rich, baked dish is made with Parmesan cheese, a roux of butter and flour, whole milk, sherry, eggs, white pepper and paprika. Shrimp, oysters, scallops and drawn butter round out the sampler. The freshness of the seafood is paramount, according to restaurant staff. The Bright Star receives daily shipments from the Gulf Coast and employs a full-time fish processor in order to serve the freshest seafood possible. Fish processor Carl Thomas has all the needed equipment on site at the restaurant and for 33 years has ensured that the fish is consistently cut to the same quality standards.
Broiled seafood platter

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