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Chicken and white sauce

Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q, Decatur

In the 1920s, vinegar-and-mustard-based Carolina-style sauce was the predominant choice of barbecue cooks. Big Bob Gibson didn't think it complemented his chicken very well, so he came up with his own mayonnaise-based condiment, which also contains vinegar, apple juice, horseradish, lemon juice, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Big Bob Gibson's split, seasoned chickens are laid open on the barbecue pit for several hours and then dipped in white sauce. The unique flavor of the sauce, combined with meat smoked in hickory-fired brick pits, helped the restaurant take off and established white barbecue sauce as a North Alabama regional specialty. Four generations of the Gibson family have continued the restaurant's tasty traditions. The tangy sauce has become so popular that it is now bottled and distributed to more than 2,000 grocery stores in eight states. Locals also use the white sauce as a marinade, basting and table sauce. This dish has helped Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q rack up eight state championships and 10 world championship titles, including Grand Champion at the 2000 and 2003 Memphis in May World Championship cook-offs and Grand Champion at the 2004 American Royal Barbecue international contest. Related Recipe: Smoked Venison in White Sauce
Chicken and white sauce

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